Frant Road Clinic

65 Frant Road

Tunbridge Wells


T: 01892 619797

F: 01892 619798

E: info@frantroadclinic.co.uk

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Opening Times

Monday - Friday

8.30am - 5pm

Frant Road Clinic Ophthalmology. Tel: 01892 619797

Kent Private GP. Tel: 01892 249018

Frant Road Clinic is an independent ophthalmic clinic in Tunbridge Wells.

We specialise in ophthamology and other surgical procedures.

We offer highly-specialised ophthalmic services for all eye conditions, including diabetes-related eyesight problems, macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma, as well as providing emergency ophthalmology services, paediatric and young adult ophthalmology.

We have been providing ophthalmic services at Frant Road Clinic, previously known as The Laser Eye Clinic, since 1998, and we are very proud of the excellent reputation we have gained over the years for providing a first-class ophthalmology service.

Thanks to our state-of-the art equipment, unsurpassed surgical facilities and the skills and experience of our excellent team, which is led by the highly-respected Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon John Bell, MB BCH, MD, FRCS , FRCOphth, we are be able to diagnose and - using the very latest clinically-proven techniques - treat our patients’ eye problems immediately and efficiently, without waiting lists and with flexibility.

We also undertake weekend work.

Registered with the Care Quality Commission

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