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Tunbridge Wells


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Opening Times

Monday - Friday

8.30am - 5pm

Frant Road Clinic Ophthalmology. Tel: 01892 619797

Kent Private GP. Tel: 01892 249018

Customer Testimonials

"I am writing to tell you how delighted I have been with the results of my two Cataract operations. Not having to wear my glasses continually and even to play bridge without them is absolute heaven! Many, many thanks again." Helen Ross, Fordcombe

"I saw Mr Bell with bilateral cataracts and was soon admitted to surgery to one eye followed by the second side shortly afterwards. Mr Bell and his team have always been both professional and friendly and I am pleased to say that my vision is now perfect. I would recommend Frant Road Clinic to anyone wishing to undergo Cataract surgery."    Steve Nixon, Crowborough

"When it was discovered that I had cataracts in 2008, I was treated by Mr Bell who also said that it was possible to have rezoom lenses to replace the originals thereby negating the need to wear reading glasses. This operation was carried out successfully and now, two years down the line, they are as good as new and my sight is excellent. Mr Bell is also a qualified Scuba diver which we both have in common and I received assurance that this would not affect my underwater enjoyment.

The clinic and its staff are most welcoming with prompt treatment and I would recommend him and his team to anyone who has eyesight problems." Ken Winter

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