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Monday - Friday

8.30am - 5pm

Frant Road Clinic Ophthalmology. Tel: 01892 619797

Kent Private GP. Tel: 01892 249018

At Frant Road Clinic, we accept several methods of payment, including Private Medical Insurance and Self-Pay and we are also happy to discuss different methods of Financial Support.

Regardless of how our patients pay for their treatment, to help avoid unexpected costs, we always endeavour to explain our charges clearly at every step of diagnosis and treatment. In addition, a comprehensive list of our costs is on display in the waiting room and is sent to our patients with the details of their first appointment.

For more information about payment options or treatment costs, please call and talk to us.

Private Medical Insurance

Patients with private medical insurance are almost always covered for treatment at Frant Road Clinic. However, as patients are personally liable for payment – including any difference between the amount paid by the insurer and a patient’s total bill, we always advise our patients to check with their insurer before making an appointment or undergoing treatment.


Patients who are funding their own treatment, can pay by cheque, cash or credit card.

Financial Support

We accept payment by standing orders and are currently considering introducing other methods which would enable our patients to split their total bill into smaller, monthly payments


Private Medical Insurance Self Payment