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65 Frant Road

Tunbridge Wells


T: 01892 619797

F: 01892 619798

E: info@frantroadclinic.co.uk

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Opening Times

Monday - Friday

8.30am - 5pm

Frant Road Clinic Ophthalmology. Tel: 01892 619797

Kent Private GP. Tel: 01892 249018

Seminars and Open Evenings

At Frant Road Clinic, we hold regular seminars for optometrists, GPs and other medical professionals, as well as open evenings, when members of the general public can come along and find out more about how they can improve their vision and boost their chances of good eye health.

General Public

Medical Professionals

Frant Road Clinic’s highly-informative seminars focus on topics such as the importance of good eye health, how to spot eye problems and the latest innovations in ophthalmology.

Our next seminar is still in the planning stages – full information will be provided here once a date has been confirmed.

Come along to one of our open evenings at Frant Road Clinic and find out how we can help with eye conditions, as well as how to boost eye health and improve vision.

Details of our next open evening will be detailed here as soon as the final arrangements have been made.